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jun 04, 2020
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Rollic Games
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4.4 and up

What is Repair Master 3D?

Repair Master 3D is a 3D simulation game that shows what it is like to repair broken devices. Even if you are not a craftsman by nature, can you feel what it is in this game? Run your own shop, repair different devices with different problems, and make money! It's a normal day for a mechanic and you can experience everything in this wonderful game.

In terms of graphics, the background is well designed. Above all, the fluidity of the devices, equipment, and animation gives the game such success. In Repair Master 3D, the game is as realistic as possible to give you a feeling for reality. They repair broken screens, sound cards, LCDs, and more! The more money you earn, the more money you can use to buy more tools and equipment for your workshop. Also buy tables, chairs, and paintings. Nothing is impossible in this game! Improving people's devices to make them new again. You will learn many things that you may not know!

Repair Master 3D Features

Repair Master 3D is not a normal game. This is a simulation game that focuses on repairing your devices with various problems! If you want to know more about its features, read on!

Different types of devices

  • You can repair various devices in this game. First, to fix the smartphone. Then the laptop and then the handheld console. You can unlock any device with the first repair only. You will see the level of completion of each level as you play. Unlock all devices while you're playing!

Fix the problems

  • In Repair Master 3D you have to fix different problems on different devices. Often you will repair a broken screen or replace some parts of the device. If you need to replace some components, you need to remove the screw first, and then replace it when you're done. Often, troubleshooting is particularly easy because there are instructions for the first level.

Easy control

  • Since this is a simulation game, the controls are pretty simple. All you have to do is type, drag, and hold directly. At first, you may be a little confused. Don't worry, it will get easier once you hang it. Control repeats itself over time! Your screen also removes the vibration once so you can feel the reality.

Incredible graphics

  • The graphics of this game are great. Everything is in 3D and you can really feel like you are working in a workshop. Devices are made in addition to their components. Nothing is felt while repairing various devices. You can also check the devices' cameras to make sure they work!

Customize your workshop

  • Repair Master 3D goes beyond pure repair. You can customize your workshop to make it look like this is a real repair game! This means you can buy new tables, chairs, and many designs to make your room your own. But you need money for that! Collect more money by repairing more devices and seeing ads!

How to download Repair Master 3D

  • Click on the specified download link
  • After downloading, allow an unknown source on your device
  • Download Install from Repair Master 3D APK
  • And enjoy

Users Review

User 1: Add looked up and thought I'd give it a try. It's okay on the whole! As long as you can run it every 5 seconds, without seeing any ads, such as without data or WiFi (the family is stuck in the parking lot and waiting for the end). This quickly gets you bored. You can't increase sales and therefore not buy anything. Looks great and shows the development team a group of greedy people who prefer money over satisfied customers! As a result, it's uninstalled as my type!

User 2: This is a great game that will be developed once Yoyi knows how the pattern works. It’s a fun time when you can slowly realize your progress in the journey. What I really don't like is that any two projects you add will stop flowing. There's also a bonus that you don't have to come without ether or wait 10 seconds to click the skip button, which will block the flow of the game. Although the game is fun, I don't think I'll ever get back to it.

User 3: I liked the idea of the game. My only problem is for many commercials; And very persistent. I will try to play an ad to get special items in the game and it will not work. I had three ads without an advertising prize. I will uninstall the ads immediately to reduce games like low ads and real pay to watch this game.

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