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1.2.1 アンドロイド用
5 30, 2020
DogByte Games
Mod Features:
2.3 and up

Zombie Offroad Safari is a great creation that takes the user to the place of revelation, a powerful car to crush the wheels of dead creatures. They drive through open and bright terrain and change the driver of the SUV. During the game, you must complete all kinds of missions.

The main goal is to destroy the zombies with the help of cars. The user is presented with many different cards that are connected by phone. As you travel around, you will see chests hidden with weapons that you can use to destroy enemies at close range. Zombie Offroad Safari for Android will not only take part in dynamic races but also enjoy the colorful landscape.

The combination of arcade and action will definitely appeal to fans of the genre. To start the game, go to the designated county seat and bravely enter the stream of cars to show your failed skills. Time to complete the quest is limited, and to get to the top requires precision and accuracy. Shoot the horrible zombies and march towards victory.

The control of the toy is simple and clear even for an inexperienced simple man. By pressing the accelerator, braking, and turning, you can avoid collisions with increased dead people, which takes precious minutes.

Features of Zombie Offroad Safari

  • 5 zombies and a field full of fun to explore!
  • 12 vehicles to unlock and operate, each with unique skills. Police cars, fire engines, APCs, monster trucks, and more.
  • Machine guns, electric tugs, rocket launchers, electric rifles to unlock and use against the dead.
  • Overcome many challenges: outpost hunting, pathfinding, boss fights, and more!
  • Discover hidden treasures scattered around the world
  • Find "Explorer Flags" on most mountains
  • Excellent power-ups to your advantage
  • Fight different types of zombies
  • Fun driving simulator model
  • Moon map with joy at low gravity!
  • Open world design, free travel everywhere

More About Zombie Offroad Safari

In the zombie road fad road safari, which is very fun, the zombies you come across are not scary. Unlike other zombie games, you attack this bloodless creature with a destructive truck. Different battle trucks are equipped with different weapons with which they can be removed.

Zombie games are sometimes not scary when we are armed with deadly weapons. But as it evolves, the design of the zombie game certainly focuses on overwhelming players, such as those who can run fast, crawl on walls, and have huge and deadly bodies.

MOD Features

  • Unlimited gems
  • Infinite command powerups
  • Unlimited repair powerups
  • Infinite Shield power-up
  • Unlimited activation of the time trap
  • Infinite Death Power Up
  • Unlimited power-ups for arms supply
  • Infinite Nitro Powerups
  • Unlocked Mega Pack
  • Maximum player level []]
  • Unlimited XP
  • Open all the cars
  • Maximum upgrade of all cars
  • No ads
  • More damage


  • Android 4.0 version or higher
  • Stable internet connection
  • At least 3G, while 4G and Wi-Fi are recommended
  • Allow your device to manually install applications (review and allow unknown sources)


Of course, with the help of zombie road fad road safari cheats you can easily get various sophisticated tools. You can buy epic chests and powerups that protect your defenses.

What is new

Get out of your car and explore the world on foot! Search for prey in buildings

And hidden places. Be warned, walking is dangerous, stay on your toes!

  • Walk mode
  • You can kick zombies for self-defense
  • Places where you can only walk
  • New top car: Donor with endless nitro power-ups
  • New Tier 2 Car: Rebel Monster Truck

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