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6 03, 2020
Plarium Global Ltd
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5.0 and up

Raid: Shadow Legends is a visually stunning RPG real fantasy with hundreds of champions from 16 playing groups. As a player, you are responsible for saving the world of talaria. You have to recruit great warriors of the powers of light and darkness.

Their job is to train them, make them live weapons, and win battles. You need to find new strategies and ways to defeat enemies and kill dangerous dragons. Then you become a legend.

Champion, it is your duty to save the world from taleria. If you haven't heard of Raid: Shadow Legends, you've probably been living under Internet rock for months. This apk download is primarily for RPG everyone is talking about - a game in which you collect incredibly powerful champions, fight against others in a fierce PVP arena, and take out the giant boss.

A new Battle Pass for new updates has recently been released, with numerous awards for completing and winning various challenges. In a place like a new dungeon, many changes in the balance and gameplay of the new multi-bat and champion show that the developers (Platinum Global) have shown much love and care in their successful RPG title Red: Shadow Legends.

What can you expect in the mod version?

The mod version includes all the basic functions of the application as well as paid functions, free of charge. With the mod version of RAID: Shadow Legends, you can use high-end weapons and avatars for free. There is also an Autoplay level that can shorten the time it takes the player to spend more time exploring the game.

Guide to Raids: Shadow Legends

Raid: Shadow Legends is a fantasy and turn-based Gacha game in the world of Talaria. The basic requirement is that players with their strengths, weaknesses, and weaknesses must form a team of unique champions. To win there are a variety of different areas of the game from 12 different campaign stages, 4 different dungeon keepers, and 4 huge dungeon bosses, which you and your team will have to plunder and more.

Beginner's Guide - Tips and tricks for new players

Things to do: Raid: Shadow Legends may seem difficult to new players, but it's not too hard to get to know the game. When you go out and spend your time in the game, it is important to complete all your daily quests. The award makes a big difference in the beginning. Invest in your champions early and make a good choice on which to upgrade the devices to get a lot of early meals (an important early game resource).

Things you shouldn't do: Raid: Shadow Legends evolve into rare champions as quickly as possible from ordinary and unusual champions. Don't worry about investing a lot of resources in all the champions at the beginning of the game - it will be quickly surpassed when you level up and unlock new champions. You also have to be careful about the arena - you know not to fight against teams that have no chance of winning against you!


  • Tactical game: The task of the game involves a comprehensive strategy in which you have to make difficult decisions and support your champion in your project. The champion can get the help of very powerful artifacts that help him complete his quest. Special skills such as chaos, healing powers, and epic attacks can be spread. With the right team building, the right skills and the right skills, anyone can easily win the game.
  • Fighting in Tojertness: There is also a collaboration feature that allows you to connect with other players to achieve your common goal. There are many allied challenges that can involve killing monsters and carrying out robberies.
  • Unique Action: In addition, each level has a specific action, each of which is unique. You will fight for life or death to establish yourself as a legend, or you will lose the title. The whole story takes place in twelve places that are captivating in spirit and where you can easily play the epic dark fantasy.
  • Epic Battle: Customize your RPG weapons to suit your tastes and needs. This way, your champion can acquire thousands of powerful weapons, so there is no chance of losing. Many challenging bosses can be robbed and destroyed.

how to make progress AID: Shadow Legends

Once you’ve covered the basics, it’s time to move on to the order. Raid: With Shadow Legends APK Of course it's very simple, but there are still a few important things to remember. It is important that you get your champion 60 and 6 * rating level as soon as possible. This way you can delete all 12 different campaign modes and save a lot of resources. Raise your gurus one by one and repeat this step for many other champions. This gives you a different champion and a strong, invincible team.

Understand the Masters in Raid: Shadow Legends

Shadow Legends is a game championship system: a unique and complex field of the raid. As with any good role-playing game, there are many ways in which you can guide your characters. Crime, defense, and support. Each championship set has different skills and characteristics. You can get a championship role by farming in the Minatur Maze dungeon. Each champion can achieve 100 basic roles, 600 advanced levels, and 950 divine scrolls. You only have one chance to reset - it costs 150 gems at a time.

Tips and tricks

Did you know that Kyle is a great starting champion? Its capabilities also enable great AOE losses, agricultural campaign skills, and the ability to defeat clan bosses. You should also have some 1 * and 2 * champions, such as Outlo Monk for Klan Boss and Darwish for Spirit Keep Andharkot. There are many different guides and YouTube channels where you can find special dungeon guides and rankings for different champions. With Learning Red: Shadow Legends plunge you into a deeper and richer fantasy world.

What is new

Main channels:

  • Increase player level cap from 60 to 100 for prize leveling.
  • The clan boss now has Infinite HP, which allows all clan members to win the best chest.
  • The Platinum tire matchmaking system is now based on tire position, not on arena points.
  • Gold comes better than the IV Arena chest.


  • The champions used in Fusion are now marked with the icon.
  • Ability to sell goods from the war results window.
  • Ability to unlock the champion in the tavern.

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