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Jun 06, 2020
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4.1 and up

PGT: Pro Graphics Toolkit is a launcher utility that allows you to change graphics settings, FPS, and unique settings like best settings, zero delays and battery saver, potato graphics, GPO optimization, hardware-accelerated reset, etc. you can. Playing with features can improve performance.

What is the GFX Tool?

The GFX Tool is an application that connects to your game's host file and unlocks the maximum frame rate. Frame rate, or FPS, is short for frames per second.

For example, if your device supports 30 fps, that means your device can render up to 30 fps per second. You need higher FPS for better and lag-free gameplay. However, most low-end devices do not support settings for high FPS, especially for 2-3 GB phones.

That's why we use the PGT: Pro Graphics Toolkit APK to unlock our device's 60 fps. At 60 fps there are many other options such as color format, potato graphics, and many others that make it better than other GFX tools.

If you are looking for one of the best pub GFX tools to improve the graphics and texture of the game without hacking your account, this is the right option.

What is PGT: Pro Graphics Toolkit?

The PGT: Pro Graphics Toolkit application is a premium version of the free GFX tool for pubs, with which you can use all the premium functions such as extreme 120 fps, 1920 * 1080 FDD resolution, improved sound quality and much more. Access the setting depth setting of more PUBG mobiles and experience smooth gameplay in every situation.

PUBG has a problem that affects the gaming experience. If you're using a low-end device, that means the game can't run at the highest setting. Even if you use a lower setting during the game, there are always some bugs like drop-fps, detail loss, sound errors ... Right now, Tencent has a solution to solve this problem. Come along you have released the lite version, dedicated to these low-end devices. However, this version is still in the soft launch process, and in some countries, it is downloaded to a limited extent. We also had an article about the PUBG Lite installation policy that you can refer to here. Also, PUBG Lite uses its own server, so you don't have to match the ones running the full version.

Even people who use low-end devices are not satisfied with PUBG Mobile. The game only allows players to automatically choose one of three settings: high, medium, low, which you can't bother with many other adjustments. These are the people who want to make the gaming experience unhappy. At this point, PGT: Pro Graphics Toolkit is the solution to all the above problems. This tool provides a number of customizations that allow users to create custom PUBG customizations, such as b. Changing the object details, shading, unlocking the FPS, increasing or decreasing the resolution, and increasing the adjustment will make this game work easily.

What does it do

While the game has its own graphics customization so Android players can enjoy simple and satisfying gameplay, many users still find their games sluggish and messed up in certain situations. Despite the fact that their hardware can run the game perfectly.

As a result, many users use third-party applications to make some changes to the game's graphics. Here you can enjoy intuitive and accessible visual settings for your gameplay that allow more configuration on your system. This way, you can smooth out the gameplay with constant FPS, and sometimes the graphics are significantly reduced to “potato-like” levels.

If you make simple and easily accessible changes, you can use what is available in the Pub Pro Graphics Toolkit.


As I said earlier, this is a paid version of the PGT: Pro Graphics Toolkit, which means it has some advanced settings and features that are not available for free. Below I have highlighted some of its features that I like best.

1. Unlock Extreme 60 fps

This is the main function of this Pro Graphics Toolkit APK. As we know, FPS plays an important role in performance. PS High FPS, make your gameplay easier.

By default, the graphics settings have only three options: 20 fps, 25 fps, and 30 fps. If you have a low-end device and you're still playing PUBG at 30 fps, there may be a delay in book texture and device.

After using this Gfx + device, you can easily unlock Ultra and Extreme frame rates on your low-end devices.

2. Built-in game settings

I personally loved this feature. There are many Pgg Gfx tools in the Play Store, but we have to manually configure them to unlock extreme settings.

As we know, each device works differently, which means we have to configure the GFX tool according to the device specification. For some, configuring the GFX tool for the best performance is like rocket science.

With this built-in game setting, however, you can easily deliver your graphics, looks, and quality.

To use the built-in game settings:

  • Open the Pro Graphics Toolkit Pro app
  • Click "Best Settings" for your device options
  • Find the name of your device in the search bar
  • Click the 'Import' button.
  • You can also send your installed settings to your friends if you have the same device.

3. Increase storage

PUBG is a huge game that uses a lot of space and space. For better gameplay, you need to wipe your device's memory frequently. Doing this yourself can take a lot of effort.

So we use Pro Graphics Toolkit Pro APK. After enabling the memory expansion option, the tool GFX + automatically clears the device memory and stops all applications running in the background.

To enable the Boost Memory option:

  • Open the Pro Graphics Toolkit
  • Go to Advanced Graphics Options
  • Activate the boost memory switch

Note that you do not need to remove PGT from the background. Otherwise, this function will not work.

4. Simply Use Interface

If this is your first time using the Pro Graphics Toolkit Pro APK tool and you're worried about the interface, don't worry. Since the user interface is easy to use, it can be understood by any non-technical person.

All the options and settings are configured precisely so that you do not get confused when choosing a particular option.

For better usability, I would also recommend that you select only the first option, i.e., "Best setting for your device" which will automatically change your game according to your device specification.

5. Anti-ban

This is the second-best feature of the Pro Graphics Toolkit Premium Edition. As you know, PUBG directly blocks any account that modifies its game files.

Personally, I've tried many other GFX tools, but most of them didn't work, they don't have an anti-ban system. In this GFX + tool, however, you'll find an anti-ban system that protects your PUBG account, even if you have HD Extreme FPS enabled.

Some more Features

Below are the features you like most.

  • Change the fps according to your requirements
  • Dark mode
  • Enable HDR
  • Dynamic shadow rendering
  • Supports different versions of the game
  • Supports potato graphics
  • Change the resolution
  • Unlock all FPS levels
  • Enable anti-aliasing or modify it with X2, X4

All supported versions: Global, CN, Lite, KR, VN, TW, Beta.

MOD Features

  • Unlock more frames per second and graphics
  • Delete the graphics settings
  • Shadow quality, zero interval mode
  • Battery efficient mode for pubs
  • GPU and graphics optimization
  • PAID crack mode


Do I have a pub account limit when using this GFX tool?

  • No, your account is not restricted. I have used this premium GFX tool in my own pub account for the last two months and have not encountered any problems yet.

What is the real cost of this PGT: Pro Graphics Toolkit?

  • The actual price of this Pub GFX tool is around Pub 65. Also on Thinkers, I share it for free.

If Our PGT: Pro Graphics Toolkit APK is not working. What should we do?

  • PUBG has recently released a new update that eliminates all types of potato graphics. Now you have to open your pub game using the tool.


With simple and interesting functions, Pub GFX Tool allows Android gamers to enjoy their full gaming experience with PUBG Mobile. Edit your gameplay and always have fun with the completely free app on our website.

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