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Jun 08, 2020
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4.1 and up

One problem with the Android system that is common to other operating systems is that it slows down after a long period of use. It is full of temporary files that are not removed, many apps shut down even when the battery is off, and many other problems occur.

Many of these problems can be fixed with a regular application, but not all aspects of the operating system are open to regular users. This is where L Speed ​​comes in. It is a more powerful application because it requires a root directory to function and has access to many parts of the operating system that are normally closed.

What is l speed application

L Speed Apk ​​is a modification that combines twins into an intuitive app to improve overall performance, reduce critical delays, extend battery life, and improve the gaming experience on Android. Modern willpower and must work on all devices that meet their minimum requirements.

L Speed Apk ​​has a nice and clean user interface. Options such as turns vary by square, their specifications can also be opened with long clicks. L Speed ​​also supports changing theme colors. There are light and dark options for every taste.

L Speed Apk ​​is a set of tools and special settings integrated into an application to improve the overall performance of your Android. However, your device must be rooted to use the application properly. Otherwise, you can use only the most basic functions of the application.

Recommended Set-up

  • RAM Manager - Balanced
  • Colonel Tweaks - Lite
  • Battery upgrade - on
  • Scrolling Update - Ongoing
  • Disable debugging - Turn on
  • Disable kernel panic - but
  • Clean while booting
  • Io boost-on
  • SD optimization


  • Original
  • Whitelisting (see below)

L Speed ​​White Listing:

  • You may need to whitelist L Speed ​​on your device with garbage collection, Autostart, hibernation, or similar working applications or features.


  • ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE - Allows an application to access network state required for push notifications
  • ACCESS_SUPERUSER - Allows the app to access the root directory
  • BATTERY_STATS - Allows the app to access battery statistics
  • RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED - Allows an application to receive ACTION_BOOT_COMPLETED, which is passed after system startup.
  • READ_PHONE_STATE - Allows an application to read current phone status. Data connection required for a check. A data connection is required for battery optimization.
  • READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE - Allows the necessary permissions to read, backup, and restore the application from external storage.
  • WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE - Allows necessary permissions to write, backup, and restore applications from external storage.
  • WAKE_LOCK - Allows the app to wake up from sleep, which is required for Governor Tuner and app services
  • WRITE_SETTINGS - Allows the app to write the required device settings for the invasion can
  • WRITE_SECURE_SETTINGS - Allows the app to write secure settings to the device that are required for options such as scaling animation duration

What is new

  • Disable fetching of pages with inactive actions
  • The maximum increase in clogged dirty pages
  • Min_free_kbytes per profile increased
  • Mini-free number update per profile
  • Busybox updated
  • Updated Polish translation
  • Update dependency

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