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2.3 and up

Modern Combat 4 Zero Hour is also very hot: Global security after a catastrophic strike is tied to the hands of many elite soldiers. You have to follow a familiar and terrible terrorist organization. World leaders are saved! In 12 missions you can play both righteous elite warrior and opposing actor Edgar Page to experience different stories and actions.

The original battle themes for the conspiracy continue, and the player becomes a soldier again who will save the country from crisis and also maintain world peace. Excellent marshals from obscure soldiers will reproduce this great process. This time the problem is even bigger because the president has been kidnapped. The special story here is not a more interesting experience for spoilers, players or individuals.


Simply put, at the level of the game, players will use the latest and most powerful weapon to hit from the start. There are 12 levels of CCP that can be turned off in easy mode within 10 hours. There are two main methods of killing the enemy: long-range shooting, close combat, and the use of auxiliary weapons. Color shooting is a basic requirement of the game. There can be dozens of tasks where different weapons are executed to switch between players. When the player is close to the enemy, the system automatically switches to mode f mode. Click the bottom right corner of the cutter to accelerate the bloody killing. Auxiliary weapons also come from games, duty non-duty CL, unmanned vehicles, machine guns, aerial strikes, and other auxiliary combat methods that enrich the game's content. In some scenes, it is necessary to move the screen to perform certain tasks such as pauses, conflicts, or close combat in multiple slow motion games. This also enriches the gameplay.

The set of two-line character is designed for an amazing bright spot. Players of the gameplay a role not only for the heroic defense of the President of the United States but also for the leader of the terrorist organization "Page". This setting allows the player to better understand the story, even if you do not understand English, but also the origin of the context of the game. Needless to say, the fun of the person decorating the two corners also means that the player can experience the joy of the game even when the evil spirits are replaced.

Modern Combat 4 Zero Hour Features

  • An incredibly beautiful and dramatic battle story.
  • Dominate the battlefield with a new strategic system.
  • Fights and battles all over the world from Antarctica to Barcelona.
  • The ultimate experience of FPS action and console-quality graphics.
  • Excellent soundtrack with amazing speed.
  • Avoid chaos and fight on the battlefield with unique graphics.
  • An incredibly realistic animation with dynamic with objects.
  • Unique audio and video effects.
  • Exciting-ground gameplay with different weapons.
  • Scoreline scoreboard with a new ranking system.
  • Play in multiplayer mode, more exciting than before.
  • And many features too.

Go to the most memorable action shoppers

  • The story sounds dramatic and both sides of the story play the role of villain Edward Page. Choose a battlefield with a new strategic movement system! World War from Antarctica to Barcelona!

Experience concept quality graphics and sound

  • Experience chaos on the battlefield with console-like graphics, lifelong animation, and dynamic with objects. Hawk engine's first Gameloft title for amazing ragdoll effects and the most realistic vehicles ever made. Voice and sound acting from a famous studio. Film industry.

Enjoy fully designed multiplayer mode

  • Create an online gameplay profile with an improved training system and over 20,000 weapon systems! New specialty system with new skills. Put your character at the top of the leader line online leaderboard with the new ranking system! Games for all fans of action games, FPS (! First-person shooter!), War games, multiplayer and online games, and for all players who want to dominate the battlefield!

There are eight multiplayer modes: War Mode, Life, and Death Fight, Team Life and Death Fight, Flag Capture Fight, Purpose Match, Cast Next Match, VIP Mode, and Barebone Mode. Each mode has its own game mode. Rivals of up to 12 people at a time that can bring complex pleasure. Different multiplayer modes require a different strategy and coordination skills and offer more theatrics than a single combat.

Modern Combat 4 Zero Hour is the main first shooter that represents the highest level of this task. If you want to play first-person shooter games on your Android phone, this is your best of painful eating movements. Players appear after bleeding, red blood flows

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